A quintessential dream..

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How many of us actually dream?
Not one of those big big dreams but you know dreams like having a job that actually gives us some sort of contentment. When job is not about earning dollars but about attaining a level of self dependence. You get up in the morning and feel this life is all I desired not only because of the amount of money you are earning.

Being a graduate from a top most university, all I should be thinking of is ‘earning’ and earning to a level that makes me go mad. But all am thinking of now, is imagining myself working with some charitable institution or maybe doing something for the society….. not only with the money but most importantly with my efforts.
When I first narrated about my this plan to my close relative all he said was ‘how about earning to such a level that half of your wealth can be donated’. His way of thinking was far more different than what I was thinking, he wanted me to do charity¬†whereas I wanted to put in efforts.

After this I realized my dreams are my own and that I should be finding my own path.
Why put in efforts for a job that does not satisfy your heart?